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You probably thought changing a fitted sheet on a regular bed was hard—until you tried to change one on a crib mattress surrounded by rails. The folks at Clouds and Stars have come up with a solution in the form of a sheet that zips on and off for quicker changes without lifting the mattress.

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Spotting the Latest "Baby Trends" - Quick Zip Crib Sheets

The innovative two-piece QuickZip sheet set is designed to be simple, safe and stylish. The top zips off the base for easy changing. No more mattress wrestling or constant tying and untying of bumper ribbons. Unlike loose-fitting sheets that can cause an entanglement danger to your baby, QuickZip fits snugly around your mattress. The starter set includes one zipper base and one zipper top.



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night shift - These genius sheets make short work of 3 a.m. diaper disasters. Simply zip off the wet sheet and zip on a dry one.



From Circle of Moms - 5 Stand Out Products for New Moms

QuickZip® Sheets - Hate changing the sheets on your bub's crib mattress? QuickZip Sheets might be the solution for you. As Cecelia of Cool Baby Kid shares: “The QuickZip Sheets by Clouds and Stars are a must. Eliminating the need to remove the crib mattress, sleep-deprived parents can simply zip off the top layer of the sheet, zip on a clean one, and voila!  At least one baby-task simplified.”


 The Safety Sleeper

The Safety SleeperTM is a safe, fully enclosed and portable bedframe for children and adults with special needs. It was designed by a Rose Morris, a mother of an autistic child, after a long struggle to cope with her son's sleeping issues. The tent-like, robust structure sits on the mattress. It is portable, light-weight (under 30 lb) but yet durable and easy to assemble in about five minutes. Thanks to this bed, she no longer worries about her son leaving his bed and falling down the stairs, walking out the front door or leaving a hotel room when on vacation. She has helped many families in similar circumstances.  She recommends use of the QuickZip Sheet with The Safety SleeperTM — they make changing the sheet with the bedframe setup so much easier!


8 Best Nursery and Baby Bedding Picks - Easy changes

She’ll spit up, the diaper will leak, and don’t forget all that drool… Changing the bed is breeze with this super fast crib sheet system. All you have to do is plop the mattress in its zipper base and then zip the top layer on and off.


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For the crib… my girlfriend who is one of the smartest people I know swears by these:    -     Brilliant idea!



Apartment Therapy- Ideas for DIY Bunk Bed Sheets

 Q: Just finished making two sets of bunk beds (a serious workout) and I'm thinking there has got to be a better way. I'm intrigued by these Inseparable Sheets and am wondering if anyone has ideas of how to reverse engineer these with sheet sets I already own. Or does anyone have other ideas of how to make bunk bed making easier? Thanks.  Sent by Martha

A: Just get some quick zip sheets and base in twin size? That way you just unzip the top sheet to change sheets every week. has not liked these when your child has a stomach bug and is throwing up every few hours? Or needed a middle-of-the-night sheet change?


QuickZip on - great nursery tips from Nate Berkus!

  "Be Careful with Crib Bedding

Though bedding can be colorful and decorative, you do need to take safety precautions. Don't place loose blankets or pillows in the crib with a baby younger than 12 months, and make sure she can't get her head stuck between the crib bumper and slats. Sheets should be tight-fitting and wrap securely around the corners of the mattress. Or try a crib sheet that stays in place with a zipper, such as Clouds and Stars QuickZip Crib Sheet ("





Mothers of Invention: How Moms Help Huggies Innovate [Fast Company By Soren Kaplan ]

Fast Company

All around the world, mothers are inventing new child-care products--so Kimberly-Clark thought, why not collaborate with them (and save the R&D budget in the process)? … The first dozen $15,000 “Huggies MomInspired Grants” were awarded to women with products as varied as a two-piece zippered bed sheet for cribs to a sippy cup that accelerates children’s motor skills development…



I was recently given the opportunity to review the Quick Zip Sheet made by Clouds and Stars, Inc Included in my package were the Quick Zip Crib Sheet Set, the Flat Mattress Pad, and the PortaBaby Safety Sheet for Play Yard. Upon receiving the products, I read through the information pamphlet and instructions, then promptly ripped the old crib sheet off the mattress and got to work!

The zipper is covered by the high-quality fabric and can be tucked away so little ones can’t play with it. Then came the moment of truth… after my daughter’s first nap on the sheets (and inevitable spit-up), I zipped the sheet off the base and tossed it into the washing machine in a matter of seconds without having to remove bumpers (if we were still using them) or struggle with a mattress! Genius! I strongly suggest purchasing additional zipper sheets so there is always a clean one while the others are in the wash.

The PortaBaby Safety Sheet for Play Yard  was incredibly easy to use. It slides over the play yard mattress like a pillowcase and is held closed by Velcro for a snug and secure fit. The top of the sheet is quilted and made with the same quality 200 thread-count, 100% cotton as the Zipper Sheet. This will come in very handy when we have overnight visitors with little ones.

The Quick Zip Sheet Set has completely lived up to my expectations and I plan to give them as baby shower gifts in the future. I’m also interested in the Twin Quick Zip as I have a three-year-old who has just stopped wearing diapers at night (ugh). This is a great product for anyone who has ever had to change crib sheets… and as a mother who does it daily, I highly recommend them.



 "Have you ever felt so frustrated by something that you felt compelled to fix it?"












"Reviewing products for babies, kids and parents since 2007, I’ve amassed a list of editor’s picks, gift guide choices and best of the best posts, but the following ten enjoy a special place among Cool Baby Kid picks. Each of the Top Ten of All Time offer something special, and many are giving you a chance to win their picks. Enjoy!" - Cool Baby Kids


Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program


Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies® Brand today announced it has awarded its first-ever MomInspired™ grants to 12 entrepreneurial moms to help fund and resource their innovative, real-world product ideas including Clouds and Stars, Inc. for the QuickZip Crib Sheet. Launched earlier this year, the Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant Program was created to provide the resources and seed capital for moms to either turn their great ideas inspired by personal motherhood experiences into successful businesses or help take their existing businesses to the next level. Selected from almost 400 applications, Clouds and Stars successfully demonstrated our unique solution that addresses unmet parenting needs and make life easier for moms and dads.

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You know you have a good thing going when the press says such wonderful things about your products. Check out the attention our QuickZip™ sheets have received.

Parenting Magazine

Few seemingly small tasks take as much effort (or are as hard on your back) as changing a crib sheet. Not anymore. Clouds and Stars' QuickZip Crib Sheets let you zip off the top of a fitted sheet when it needs to be washed and leave the elasticized sides and corners in place. Testers loved it.

Fit Pregnancy

It’s about time somebody thought of this: a sheet that covers the entire mattress and zips shut, so there's no chance of sheets coming untucked. The base covers the bottom and sides of the mattress; the top zips onto the base, letting you change sheets in the middle of the night without removing the bumper.

Baby Bargains

One of the coolest new products we found was the QuickZip Crib Sheet from Clouds and Stars. Here's how it works: the sheet base covers the bottom of the mattress and stays in place. The top of the sheet is secured via a plastic zipper. Baby's diaper leaks at two in the morning, you zip off the top of the sheet and zip on a spare. No lifting of the mattress (except when you first set it up) and no untying bumpers.

Celebrity Babies Blog

My two year old was sick with an upset stomach. After my husband scooped him out of his crib, I had to quickly change his sheets.

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Good Housekeeping: Safe Bets Buyer's Guide
Sound Sleep - In November 1998 Good Housekeeping exposed the danger of ill-fitting crib sheets - if a corner comes loose, a baby can get tangled in the sheet and suffocate or strangle. Many of today's brands fit more tightly, but can be difficult to change. Enter these zip-on crib sheets. They're a cinch to put on and take off (don't worry - the zipper is hidden, so a toddler can't reach it). And the sheets passed our wash-and-dry shrinkage tests.

Chicago Parent
Between diaper changes, feedings, sleepless nights and babies that just won't stop crying, new parents have their hands full. Any product that might save a few minutes...Click here to read the review

Twins Magazine: Great Gear
QuickZip two-piece safety crib sheets can be changed without lifting or moving the crib mattress or bumpers, will not come off the mattress and prevents entrapment hazards that can lead to suffocation. Place the base sheet around baby's mattress and zip on the sheet. To change, simply zip-off the top sheet. The zipper is covered, so it never touches baby.

Standard crib sheets (if pulled off the mattress) pose suffocation and entrapment hazards. These innovative, two-piece safety sheets eliminate that problem, and the zipper is covered, so it never touches your baby.

Mommies with Style

One of my favorite "must haves" for new moms (and experienced ones too!) are QuickZip Sheets by Clouds and Stars. What makes these sheets so special? The best feature of the QuickZip crib sheet is that it can be changed without lifting or moving the crib mattress or bumpers. Most moms understand what a pain it is to have to change a regular sheet... remove the bumper, take out the mattress, pull off the sheet, and then assemble the crib back together again. You don't have to deal with that! Please! Trust me... these sheets are a lifesaver. Also important to note...The QuickZip crib sheet will not come off the mattress and prevents entrapments hazards to your child. It comes in a variety of colors, too.