What size mattresses do QuickZip Sheets fit?

QuickZip fits standard mattresses from Crib to Full Size, and allow for a variety of mattress thicknesses or "drop" sizes. See our Mattress Size Chart below for details.

Mattress Size Chart (inches)*
Crib  52"X27"
Twin  75"X39"
XL Twin 80"X39"
Full 75"X54"

* QuickZip is designed to fit a variety of mattresses. Fit will vary according to exact shape and construction of mattress. Please feel free to call us for more information.

What are your standard shipping costs?
You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. We can ship products anywhere in the world using the shipping method of your choice.

We offer Free Shipping on all orders in the USA and to APO addresses.  Shipping rates to Canada and expedited shipping in the US are provided during checkout.
How does it work?
(We recommend that you Wash and Dry before use for a perfect fit)
Traditional Closed Base (Crib and Twin)
1. Slide Zipper Base on to the mattress (the first time only). The zipper pull should be all the way at the bottom of the zipper next to the plastic insert box.

(Optional:Place mattress pad on top of mattress - we recommend our flat pads.)

2. Zip on the zipper sheet and tuck in zipper.

3. To change zipper sheet simply zip off and zip on, relax!.

Easy-Install Base (Twin, TwinXL, and Full)
1. Zip Zipper Sheet on to Base (if two pieces are separated in the package)  Slide Zipper Sheet and Base on to the mattress.  
(Optional:Place mattress pad on top of mattress - we recommend our flat pads.)

2. Zip on the zipper sheet and tuck in zipper.

3. To change zipper sheet simply zip off and zip on, relax!

What do I need?
We recommend that you have a Zipper Sheet Set, which includes one Zipper Base and one Zipper Sheet, and at least one interchangeable Zipper Sheet (sold individually). We also recommend that you purchase at least one mattress pad - ours are flat pads with no skirt for easy changes. Check out our Savings Bundles for great prices on these products.

I have a question regarding the Zipper Sheet Set... does that include a zipper sheet sheet, base sheet? I just want to be sure I purchase everything I need.
The Zipper Sheet Set includes one Zipper Base and one Zipper Sheet. Interchangeable Zipper Sheets are sold separately, and come in a variety of fabrics. All zipper sheets are interchangeable (within the size - crib, twin, etc, ) so we recommend at least one or two extra zipper sheets with every starter set. Also make your life easier with our flat mattress pads, easy to change whenever you change the sheet, no skirt to tuck in or tangle with!

Will the QuickZip fit my mattress?
Our sheet fits standard US mattresses. There is elastic in the base that allows for a good fit on mattresses of slightly varying sizes. QuickZip sheets are preshrunk for a great fit that will last, and please expect for approximately 3% shrinkage on the first washing.
Is the QuickZip waterproof?
The QuickZip Sheet is not waterproof, and we carry a great selection of flat waterproof mattress pads which are quick and easy to change. A flat pad works best with QuickZip because there is no shirt around the sides of the mattress. Simply place the pad on top of the mattress and zip on the QuickZip Zipper Sheet. The pad will stay nicely in place and can be easily taken off and replaced for washing.

Can I attach the poly mink sheet to a regular base?
All QuickZip Zipper Sheets are interchangeable and can be used with any Zipper Base.
Does a standard crib mattress pad fit your set?
You can use a standard mattress pad with the sheet, however, it is more difficult to change than our flat pad. Our flat pad is designed for our sheet system and can be easily removed when the top is zipped off for washing.

Do you have sheets for the Graco PackNPlay?
Yes!  The PortaBaby® play yard sheet fits many play yards including Graco and CoSleeper brands. It is designed similarly to a pillowslip with Velcro or zipper closures on the long side. The top surface on the cotton produts have two layers of 100% cotton quilted together for supreme comfort, and we also have PortaBaby in soft and cozy poly mink.

What is your return policy?
Our products include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please evaluate our products before washing. Contact us within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange if you are not happy with the product or you would like to exchange for a different color. Unfortunately, we cannot refund shipping or gift-wrap charges. Original shipping charges may apply for orders that qualified for free shipping. A restocking fee may be charged for returns after 30 days or items that require repackaging. Only store credit is available after 30 days.

Defective items will be issued a full credit, replaced or exchanged.

Wrinkling of fabrics is common for most 100% cotton materials. Clouds and Stars, Inc. is not responsible for normal wear and tear, abuse, mistreatment or damages due to washing and shredded or worn fabrics in areas of usage.
Why does my sheet wrinkle?
Clouds and Stars works hard to provide quality fabrics. We purposely minimize any unneeded fabric treatment and processing.  As a result, some wrinkling will occur after washing. As with other textiles, fabric will soften and wrinkle less with repeated washings.

Are QuickZip Sheets treated with any flame retardant chemicals?
No - QuickZip Sheets are not treated with any chemicals.