About Us

I can still remember the moment the QuickZip® was conceived – my daughter was days old, and I was standing in her bedroom admiring the crib (the room was one peaceful space in our not-quite-complete, newly remodeled home). Then I thought – now how do I change the sheet?? Do I really have to untie the bumper and take the mattress out? Does everyone go through this or am I missing something?

The wheels started turning! There must be a better way? Couldn’t we just change the top piece somehow? So two moms, who had backgrounds in science, safety and common sense set to figuring it out. Many sketches, prototypes and false starts later, the QuickZip was born. A sheet that was easy to change and stayed safely and securely on the mattress. The “Holy Grail” as one of our customers proclaimed.

So many people immediately loved the idea. We had a placement in an article about baby safety in Good Housekeeping before we even had product in house.   From then we rode the wave, reaching out to parents through our website, building wholesale accounts, and listening to our customers.  Now QuickZip has grown to be the better fitted sheet for all beds - available in crib twin, twinXL and full, with queen and king (hopefully) coming soon. 

On any day when things aren’t going so well, answering the phone and hearing a customer say that they love their QuickZip, that it helped them out on a bad day, that someone slept more soundly, or that they are buying one for a good friend, recharges us. The QuickZip is saving moms and, now, everyone who changes sheets from the hassles of tugging, pulling and hefting mattresses, sheets that pop off or bunch up, and knuckle crushing bed frames, rails, head boards, and foot boards. Our customers say they “will never go back” and we continue to gain converts one bed at a time.

In a world with so many little daily annoyances, changing sheets does not need to be one. QuickZip is the better way!


Elizabeth Sopher

CEO and Co-Founder