Crib Sheet Set

$ 39.99

QuickZip Zipper Sheets zip off and on for easy changes- and stay safely on the mattress. To start saving time all you need is a Zipper Base and a Zipper Sheet (and that is what is included in this set). We always recommend that you have several additional zipper sheets - just the way you would buy several regular sheets.

The base surrounds the bottom and 4 sides of the mattress and goes on only once – The zipper sheet zips off and on, smoothly and easily, and the zipper is covered by a fabric flap and tucks fully away, out of sight and out of reach. All Crib Zipper Sheets will fit any Crib Zipper Base, so mix and match!

The zipper is in the perfect spot to be fully accessible so you will never need to squish your hands down between the mattress and the slats, or take out the mattress, or untie and retie bumpers to change a sheet.

Why you will love it:
Rest easy with QuickZip, the better sheet - it is easy to change and covers the whole base of the mattress so it cannot pop off - minimizing entrapment and strangulation hazards related to loose bedding.  QuickZip lets you breeze through chores and make the most of you day (or night!),

QuickZip® sheets are known as "the best baby product" by expert moms!

  • The world's easiest crib sheet; To change, just zip off, zip on and relax.
  • Stays safely and securely on the mattress to minimize entanglement hazards
  • No more wrestling with the mattress or untying bumpers
  • Zipper is covered and pull tucks away.
  • Add our easy change flat mattress pad for utmost convenience
  • Mix and match - Zipper bases are interchangeable any crib zipper sheet.
  • 100% cotton, preshrunk for a great fit that lasts
  • Set include one Zipper Base and one Zipper Sheet


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