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Cool Baby Kid "Top Ten Picks of All Time"
"Reviewing products for babies, kids and parents since 2007, I’ve amassed a list of editor’s picks, gift guide choices and best of the best posts, but the following ten enjoy a special place among Cool Baby Kid picks. Each of the Top Ten of All Time offer something special, and many are giving you a chance to win their picks. Enjoy!

Quick Zip Crib Sheets - These are simply amazing; every single new parent needs to ditch their crib sheets and buy the Quick Zip Start Set by Clouds & Stars immediately. With the top sheet able to zip off, there's no need to remove the mattress to change sheets. Brilliant!" []
Back to Top QuickZip It! by Mary Donnellan and Maria Bailey
“Leave it to a mom, actually two moms, to come up with QuickZip Sheets, now with a full selection of organic and natural cotton products. Inspired by the idea that changing crib sheets shouldn’t be a backbreaking, gymnastic exercise, QuickZip Sheets offer comfort, convenience and safety with a base sheet that stays on the mattress and a top sheet that zips off for easy and fast bed changes.”
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Clouds and Stars Wins Make Mine a Million $ Business (M3) Award
Clouds and Stars is pleased to be a member of first ever M3 1000 pitch competition winners in Denver, Colorado, on April 4, 2011. It was the largest ever gathering of women entrepreneurs pitching their businesses in competition, with nearly 300 women entrepreneurs participated in a day-long business growth event.
"We believe these business have the potential to grow into million dollar enterprises quickly, and we look forward to working with them on that journey."
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"This is a Product I love and adore,...."
".....own four of, cowtow to on a regular basis and recommend to everyone who will listen."
Read full post and find out about the Parents Insight Network:
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We are thrilled to be a Mommy Must Have on the Nate Berkus Show website!
Short Cuts to Living Well...From teething jewelry to reusable sippy cups, check out must-have gear and tips for new moms from Melissa Joan Hart!
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October 2010
QuickZip Sheet is featured in the November issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
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September 2010
Clouds and Stars receives Huggies Brand Mom Inspired Grant for the QuickZip Sheet
Back to Top 2008 - Celeb Mom Essentials
TRISTA SUTTER - " have these sheets – when you're changing sheets on a crib that has a bumper, you have to remove the bumper. It takes half an hour to change a stupid sheet!" says the reality-show star, who welcomed son Max last July. "It's so frustrating. So they made these sheets that zip off the top. Genius! For any mother, it takes years off of your life – especially if you have a late-night change where they spit up, then you can just zip off the sheet and put a new one on!"
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September 2010  - Clouds and Stars receives Count Me In Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Award; for the QuickZip Sheet
September 2010  - Clouds and Stars receives Huggies Brand Mom Inspired Grant  for the QuickZip Sheet
October 2010 - QuickZip Sheet is featured in the November issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine