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Love at first night.


We’re glad the press likes us, and we’ love to hear what our customers say. Luckily, they are very vocal about QuickZip® sheets. Check out the recent reviews below. Or tell us what you think by submitting your own review!

  • Wow!  This is how business should be done!!  First of all, Clouds & Stars puts out an amazing, high-quality product!  And now, I've had my first interaction with Customer Service and I'm even more sold on this fantastic, Mom-operated business!  I have been using the zipper set sheets + mattress pads for 18 months now, since my daughter was born.  The products are so great...awesome quality and SUPER-DUPER easy!  My baby leaks through her diapers daily (that's a whole different story...constantly on the search for the 'perfect' diaper...doesn't exist)  - so I am CONSTANTLY changing sheets.  I imagine that once we start potty training, this trend will continue.  So these zip on/zip off sheets come in super handy and are awesome for a busy working Mom like me.  Now, onto the customer service.  After 18 months of use, I was having a problem with one of the items. I called customer service to inquire/complain about it (let's face it, we spend a lot of money on this stuff and expect it to stay great forever, right?!).  Right away, with no argument or persuasive tactics needed on my part, Elizabeth (customer service) offered to replace the item, no more questions asked, no problems, no hassle...AND she was nice & pleasant...not irritated, rushed or cranky - as is often the case with customer service.  Unbelievable!  I'm still flabbergasted by how great and reasonable the customer service was.  We all know, customer service, in general, stinks these days.  Well, I'm here to tell you that Clouds & Stars' customer service takes it back to the good 'ole days where a real, live person answers the 1-800 number on the first ring, with polite, accountable service.  I thought I loved these sheets and this company before but now I'm their biggest fan!  Sure these sheet sets may cost more than the other "regular" stuff you see at Target, Baby's R Us, etc.  But if you want a unique product that is quality, will save you time & hassle and is backed up by the company - shop no more.  These sheets sets + mattress pads are the absolute way to go!  (Side note: I NEVER write reviews...I have a 'to-do' list that is 5 pages long.  I couldn't resist giving this company a major plug.  This company shows how it SHOULD be done.  Thank you!)  (Jennifer, North Carolina, September 2012)
  • I just wanted to write a quick thank you for your product. As a mother to a daughter with GI issues, we do not go a day without her having a poop accident in her bed. With your sheets, I am able to quickly change out her dirty sheets for new ones. This helps bring a small amount of easiness to an otherwise hard situation. Thank you again (Maggie, May 20130
  • "They will save your life. You'll want to kiss them. You'll never go back. Seriously.” (Tried & Truth review on Facebook May 31, 2012)
  • In response to “Bunkbed Sheets Are Evil” on the blog “In This House, I’m the Mama…” - I’m happy to tell you there is a solution! Check out this website: They have sheets that zipper on. It is hard to explain, so just read the site, but I have these sheets for my crib and now that they make them in twin size, I’m going to buy for my bunk beds. Ever since discovering these sheets for my crib, I have bought them as a baby shower gift for every pregnant friend/family member and they have thanked me later. It is genius! Hope this helps.
  • My grandson is 19 years old and has Cerebral Palsy.  After dressing and lifting him to his wheelchair each morning my daughter usually must change his bedding.  The twin size zipper sheets have been a huge help for this.  Thank you for the product. 
  • I wanted to thank you for the amazing sheet set.  The QuickZip® sheets are every parent's dream.  I can't imagine having a baby and not having them.  I will be buying a set for every expecting mother I know.  No mother should ever have to wrestle with a crib mattress again!
  • We are using this [QuickZip]!   Got one starter set and a bunch of zip sheets...friends swear by these!
  • We were given QuickZip® Sheets when our son was born. I had no idea what a fantastic gift it was until I tried changing regular crib sheets. We gave all of the regular fitted sheets away and only use QuickZip®. I love them so much. I’ve told all of my friends with kids that this is the way to go. I’ll be buying more when our next baby comes along. Thanks so much for a quality product!
  • This is the fourth set of sheets I've bought from you - two for me and two for friends. These were the only crib sheets I used for the three years my daughter was in her crib. I recommend these to every new mom, too! … Thanks for making such a great, innovative product that truly makes my life easier!
  • The sheets are a DREAM to put on my king-sized bed. I was amazed at how simple it was to put on the base, then zip the sheet right into it. It couldn't be easier!
  • I just wanted to tell you that your quickzip sheets are amazing! As such, we have listed them among our favorite things on our new website for moms mamasagainstdrama.
  • If anyone has a baby in a crib or toddler bed or a child in a bunk bed, these sheets are the best discovery since chocolate! You have got to try 'em! You won't regret it!
  • These are a must-have!!! I will never go back to regular crib sheets and I'll never let my friends use anything but these! They make great shower gifts!
  • These sheets are worth their weight in gold! I had three sets for my reflux baby (lots of spit up) and they were a lifesaver! I now have three sets for my older boys’ bunk beds, and I’m certain the bunks would NEVER have clean sheets if it weren’t for QuickZip!! Any baby girl arriving in 2 months is not missing out! Her QuickZip is in the mail! Amazing, awesome product. WONDERFUL customer service! My friends are raving right along with me!!
  • Love them! They are my go-to gift, and I have four sets for my three little guys, too! (Hmmm, maybe time to get some more — they're well used!)
  • The best baby find I have seen in the past four years!!!
  • This is my favorite thing to give as a gift! I also LOVE THEM for my own daughter!
  • I love your crib sheets!
  • Love, love, love these sheets! I talk about them all of the time and get them for baby shower gifts for all my friends!
  • I have lost count of how many sets I have bought for baby gifts, not to mention the ones I own. I absolutely LOVE them!!
  • Love the crib sheets, and have now moved on to the twin sheet. They are amazing, especially for the middle-of-the-night changes!
  • Best sheets in the world.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these sheets! Best investment ever. I have given them to all my friends who are having and have had babies. They are truly the best invention!
  • I was given these sheets as a shower gift three years ago and have since turned around and made this my shower gift of choice! Everyone is always amazed when they get this gift. It is awesome :)
  • Everyone I know having a baby gets them. I just happened to stumble upon an ad for them in the doctor’s office four years ago for my second round of children. Wish I had them for my first round of children 20 years ago! Conventional crib sheets are for the birds!! Best thing since sliced bread!
  • It is honestly beyond me why people DON'T use these sheets. Seriously ... it's a no-brainer!
  • I recommend QuickZip sheets to all my friends! It is a must-have baby item!
  • Now that I have the poly mink (and ordered a 2nd through Amazon), my daughter loves them. When she goes to sleep, she rubs her hand over them and holds on to the corner for comfort. They really are the softest sheets we've owned! I recommend your sheets to all the new moms I know. I love them!
  • I LOVE your sheets - they truly are lifesavers (especially in the middle of the night!). Now that they've done away with the drop-front cribs, it's difficult to change the sheet on the bed, but yours make it SO simple! You guys are awesome!!! I'm getting this for my friend. I'm looking forward to getting all my crib sheets from you in August when my little girl arrives!!
  • Thanks so much for getting this order filled!! My cousin will be so excited at her shower! I myself have four sets of these sheets that I have used for the past 6 years with all of my kiddos...These sheets not only rock, but they really hold up as well! Thanks so much.
  • This is an awesome product and my favorite 'new mother' gift. My daughter has twins and this is on her list of 'must haves'. Thanks for a great product that lives up to its reputation.
  • Oh wait, that thing goes on top of the sheet? I thought we were talking about mattress pads!  I highly recommend the sheets with the zipper tops. The underneath part can stay on, you just unzip the top and zip on a new one. Saved me many nighttime sheet changes! [BabyCenter 11/23/11]
  • We are probably going to use these. It looks really easy and its organic. [BabyCenter 6/10/09]
  • Go onto, this is what I use and I LOVE them!  SO super convenient, they are called zipper sheets.  You don't have to touch the bumper pads! [BabyCenter 2/3/10]
  • My favorite sheets ever.  I HATE changing crib sheets.  Now?  It takes about 2 minutes. [BabyCenter 10/20/10]
  • Regarding changing the sheets ladies have you seen these zipper sheets?  We lucked out and found some at a garage sale, I am SO excited, they look like they'll be a lot less work to change! [BabyCenter 6/8/12]